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Stübele Women Midlayer Stübele Women Midlayer
Unsere funktionelle Kombination aus Merino und Polyamid macht das Stübele zum Midlayer für alle Gelegenheiten. Es ist locker geschnitten und setzt mit dem Rundkragen optische Akzente. Es wärmt, wenn es feucht ist, trocknet sehr schnell...
Partois Women Longsleeve black Partois Women Longsleeve black
Longsleeves made of the highest quality cotton are cool pieces of clothing and can be worn everywhere and for any activity. Look good and feel good about yourself: no problem with these hyphen shirts.
Similaun Women Shell Jacket Similaun Women Shell Jacket
Elastic 3-L-Laminate-Jacket
Our high-tech shell jacket is an upgrade of the Jamspitz. It's details make it a sophisticated all-rounder. The multiple function of the snow guard is super practical. Meaning that you can store the entire jacket in a flash to save space...
Riffel Women Hybrid Jacket Riffel Women Hybrid Jacket
Hybrid jacket with Climashield® CONTUR - this is how smart climate management looks like. Our Riffel is perfectly adequate for 90 percent of the weather conditions. In the upper part of the body, the new insulation material Climashield®...
Jamspitz Women Shell Jacket Jamspitz Women Shell Jacket
Elastic 3-L-Laminate-Jacket
The high mountain outdoor jacket with a movement-adapted, climb-oriented cut. Durable windproof and waterproof, it still offers high breathability and a lot of movement comfort thanks to the elastic 3-layer laminate with WB formula® from...
Piz Bòe Women Pants Piz Bòe Women Pants
Lightweight touring pants
Our lightweight touring pants with slim legs complete the functional ski touring trio of midlayer, vest and pants. The highly breathable material made of permanently stretchable 4-way stretch supports temperature regulation and reliably...
Hochfelln Women Touringhose Hochfelln Women Touringhose
Hochfelln, our sleek all-seasons touring pants impress with their slim fit, motion-oriented cut, casual look and perfect climate comfort. The fast-drying 3D 4-way stretch fabric has a chessboard pattern on the inside that prevents the...
Monte Stivo Women Vest Monte Stivo Women Vest
Lightweight Vest
Our lightweight vest is the ideal outer layer in moderate conditions and an ideal midlayer for rain or snow. It can always be optimally combined with baselayer and moisture protection depending on the weather and load, is a lightweight...
Pareispitze Women Insulation Jacket Pareispitze Women Insulation Jacket
Padded Jacket
Highly functional insulation jacket for every condition. The 360 degree insulation protects against cold while providing high vapor permeability. This is achieved through a 67 gsm Climashield® filling, which makes short work of cold and...
Dammkar Women Tec Hoodie Dammkar Women Tec Hoodie
Tec Hoodie
Casual look with lots of casual features: the technical hoodie is the stylish answer for all fashion-conscious trendsetters who want to combine function with relaxed everyday look. The hoodie is extremely lightweight and has a high...
Stüdlgrat Women Vest Stüdlgrat Women Vest
Lightweight Vest
Our exceptional lightweight vest is the ideal outer layer in moderate conditions and an optimal midlayer in rain or snow. The overlapping shoulder keeps the shoulder joints warm and the vest keeps you warm where you need it. It can...
Abissi Women Pants Abissi Women Pants
Climbing and hiking pants
Whether you are demanding performance at alpine climbing or just want to go hiking comfortably, the Abissi with its movement-oriented cut offers particularly high wearing comfort. The perfect climate management of the 4-way stretch from...
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