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We manufacture high-quality UV-protective clothing according to UV STANDARD 801 and highly functional mountain sportswear. In addition to protecting your skin, sustainability is our top priority.

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Sun Protection / Our Sun Protection Summary

All about sun protection

With our UV Protection Summary, we want to empower you - so that you are not helplessly exposed to UV radiation and can better assess the risks. After all, it's about your skin.

➤ What you should know about UV protection!

Sun Protection / UV STANDARD 801

Strictest sun protection standard

UV STANDARD 801 LogoThere are many UV certifications. The UV STANDARD 801 was developed by independent textile research institutes in Germany [www.hohenstein.de], Austria [www.oeti.biz] and Switzerland [www.testex.com] in order to offer consumers the highest possible safety. We are happy to undergo the tough testing regime to have our UV protective clothing tested and certified exclusively according to the UV STANDARD 801, because we want reliable and believable results.

After all, it's about your skin. ➤ More about UV Standard 801

Sun Protection / Which test label should you trust

Sun protection standards in comparison

50, 80, 200+ and why less may be more.

Not all functional textiles deliver what they promise. For example, some products claim a UPF of 200 and above. However, if these products are tested when wet or stretched instead of as a new, unused garment, the value drops dramatically. Key in this are the test method, and good, consistent results.

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Sun Protection / STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Confidence in our textiles


Textile confidence is a key element in the manufacture of excellent UV protective clothing. All garments in our UV protection collections are certified to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1 to ensure the highest quality and freedom from harmful substances.

➤ Discover more about Confidence in Textiles

Sun Protection / hyphen instead of sun cream

Protecting the environment with hyphen

When you use the textile sun protection made by hyphen, you not only protect your skin from skin cancer in the best way possible, but also actively contribute to environmental protection. By using textile sun protection, you can save up to several litres of sunscreen per year, as well as save on the use of its plastic packaging. By reducing the use of sun cream on your face and hands when swimming or engaging in watersports, you actively contribute to improving water quality.

Here’s how much sunscreen harms corals and the ocean:
➤ Prowildlife report (german)

Sun Protection / On the way with us

Sun protection shop

We want you to feel completely comfortable in our UV protection collection and be able to relax when you're out and around. Because we know how important it is to be able to move safely and unrestrictedly in the sun.

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Sun Protection / Our materials

hyphen stands for comfort and durability

weaving machine

Our fabrics are made in highly-technical machines, because the fabrics need to have a special density, achieved through particularly small stitches. This is the only way to create excellent sun protection wear, which is as smooth and as cool on your skin as silk.

➤ Our textiles make the difference

Sun Protection / In General


Protection-Design-Fun.ction Logo

At the end of the 90s, when we decided to develop UV-protective clothing for the European, textile sun protection was practically unknown, particularly in Germany. Being suntanned was still considered very healthy and the idea of skin cancer prevention was more of a deterrent than a must. Thus it was clear from the start that the clothing we needed had to be fun to wear. It should not only protect, but also look good, be comfortable to wear and offer the optimum materials and functionality for bathing, sports and leisure. In other words, the perfect holiday wear. Our motto for the collections was therefore the equivalence of: PROTECTION-DESIGN-FUN.CTION

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Mountain sports / Start of the season

Ready for mountain sports?

Discover how to get yourself and your equipment fit again for upcoming outdoor activities. Welcome to the 2023/24 mountaineering season.

Mountain sports / Product presentation

Our outdoor talent: Hybrid jacket Riffel

How was your weekend? Were you able to take advantage of the weather? Like Andi, who got some air under his soles on a via ferrata in Carinthia. Our Riffel hybrid jacket keeps you warm and cool at the same time:
Riffel for women
Riffel for men

Mountain sports / Fabric care

The optimal care for outdoor clothing

Our mountain sports clothing is specially designed for highly functional outdoor activities. Thus, it has to withstand many weather conditions. In addition, membranes can be attacked by deposits of minerals, such as salt crystals due to heat dissipation during perspiration. However, with the right and coordinated care, the function and effectiveness can be restored and the service life extended. What particularly benefits a sustainable lifestyle.

➤ Perfect care for outdoor clothing

Mountain wear / on the way with us

Our Mountain Wear Shop

Relax on the move with our mountain sports collection, so you can make the most of your outdoor experiences, big and small. > to the shop