Our Footprint


We check our whole value chain continually for improvements, wherever possible, to our environmental footprint and social impact. Please take the time to check out the measures listed below and we welcome any further comments or suggestions ➤ See contact




An overview of the sustainability features of our products:


signiertWe produce in small runs in order to optimise our resource use. Our mountain wear is signed and numbered, which means you can check out that we walk the talk..

Oekotex 100

oekotexAll the fabrics we use are certified OEK-OTEX® STANDARD 100 and frequently bluesign ® This guarantees very high quality as well as fabrics free from harmful chemicals. ➤ OEKOTEX® Standard 100


longlifeOur apparel is made to a very high standard, so we can guarantee superb durability. No Fast Fashion here. ➤ Handcrafted


PFC free

PFC-freeAll of our products are PFC free: in fact, our membranes always have been. Since 2018 this has also been true for our DWR (Durable Water Repellent).



Scope 1 & 2 (Company)

Direct emissions & Indirect emissions - owned


Overview of sustainability features hyphen internal:

100 % eco electricity

ÖkostromSince 2016 we have used electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources (Stadtwerke München) for our main office and warehouse / dispatch areas.

100 % CO2 free website & online shop

WebkonzeptOur web server is powered by 100% hydropower and is located in Germany. In addition, we have developed an Energy Save concept for a sustainable web presence. Learn more ➤ CO2 Free Website

You can also check the CO2 emissions produced by our website via the Website Carbon Calculator:


Flight-free concept

No FlightIn 2018 we decided on a flight-free business model, based on the fact that in the years between 2010 and 2018 we had already reduced our flying activity down to a total of 10.000 kms

Team Offset


Each year we offset the complete CO2 emisions of our teams through Atmosfair. This is around 88.000 kgs, which would be the equivalent to the CO2 emissions produced by driving 440.000 kilometres!



Scope 3

Indirect emissions - not owned


Overview of sustainability features in production and supply chain:

100 % Handcrafted in Croatia

Made in EuropeWe have been producing high-quality functional apparel in our Croatian production facility since 2008, where we have focussed on similar high-standards in our working environment. Our work-place sets itself apart through the facts that it is oriented around our team (and not around the machines); that we follow environmental requirements (such as cleaning ink waste-water, and the sole use of OEKO-TEX® certified inks), as well as, from a social perspective, high remuneration for good performance. ➤ Handcrafted

Materials from Europe

Material from EuropeOur fabrics and accessories come, for the most part, from suppliers based in Europe. Some of our suppliers, without whom we could not operate, are outside the EU but we know them very well. They are also certified e.g bluesign®, OEKO-TEX®, RESPONSIBLE WOOL STANDARD

100 % recycled packaging

VerpackungAll of our product and transport packaging is made from recycled plastic or paper.


Transport concept

Transport-KonzeptBeing so close to our production site means that we have very short delivery distances. Product deliveries from Croatia to Munich are organised in a smart way with combined shipments, and we offset every delivery kilometer travelled with Atmosfair.

Go Green

Gogreen Using DHL’s GOGREEN means we actively neutralise the green-house gases produced in shipping our goods. Which also means that your item reaches you in a climate neutral way.