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Our materials

High tech for comfort and durability

With the spinning mass for yarn, it starts. Already here, titanium dioxide is melted down for UV protection. The subtlety of the yarns, which are then created during the spinning process, is the basis of the comfort of the carry. The composition with Elastan, the skills and sophisticated technology in weaving, knitting and dyeing of our suppliers create the material we need for our hyphen products:

Up-heavy, light and cool on the skin, breathable, elastic, chlor-and saltwater resistant and UV-dense.

robust, dimensionally stable, adaptable


We chose polyamide for our elastic substances because it is lighter than polyester but still has the highest tear resistance and a very high shape stability compared to all textile raw materials in both dry and wet condition. Polyamide sportswear is even more robust, shape-resistant, stretchy and elastic than polyester sportswear and adapts better to the body. A much higher water absorption capacity of the polyamide fabrics increases comfort, because the moisture can be transported to the outside, where it evaporates. Polyamide, just like polyester, is produced in a melting spinning process. Additions to the liquid spinning mass can be used to determine properties of the fiber. For the hyphen materials, finely stashed titanium dioxide is added here in order to induce permanent UV protection (it cannot be washed out) by reflecting the UV radiation. This spinning mass is then passed through fine spinning nozzles. Other properties of the material are determined by the choice of nozzles.

Microfibres are up to 60 times finer than a human hair

Extremely thin nozzles with a special cross-section and the speed of the stretching determine the high quality of the resulting microfibre material, which we use for the hyphic stuff. A variety of fine fibres are bundled, creating small pores through which moisture is discharged away from the skin and evaporates on the surface.
The skin stays dry!

low moisture absorption, heat-resistant, high color fastness


We chose polyester for our caps and woven trousers. Here, the firmer grip and the lower water intake are desired. We also prefer a microfibre material for our woven fabrics, because we get particularly lightweight fabrics with extremely high UV protection. Because polyester tolerates more heat than polyamide, these substances can be used to achieve simpler very good colour heights when dyeing and printing. Our board shorts and trousers have a tree-woolly grip and are extremely lightweight with a material weight of 110g/sqm. The UV protection is naturally unbeatable due to the lower elasticity of the materials and can reach up to UPF 500 depending on the colour.

Elastane: dimensionally stable, elastic and comfortable


Xtra Life LYCRA®

Chemicals in swimming pools and unsaturated fatty acids in sunscreens and sweat quickly attack fibres and fabrics, affecting the lifespan of bath or functional clothing The fiber Xtra Life LYCRA® but resistance to chlorine and others (swimming pools) Chemicals 5 to 10 times longer than unprotected elastin fibres, allowing clothing to stay in shape longer. hyphen therefore uses Xtra Life LYCRA for all its elastic fabrics® Because it makes for a remarkable difference in performance and lifespan.

In order to enjoy its functional clothing even longer, it is still important to wash things out with soap or detergent after wearing them, especially after contact with sunscreen and chlorine. What does our skin so good and nourishes it can still be very harmful to other “materials.”

What elastane and car coatings have in common. FOCUS online writes:

‘ Good for human skin, poison to that of the car: Sunscreen not only causes stains on the varnish, but can even damage the outer skin beyond repair. Will have proved at least one test now. Hands dipped with sunscreen can leave stains when touching Autolack, which even burns into the vehicle surface in high heat.

As a rule, removal is then only possible by repainting, investigations have now been found on behalf of the NDR consumer magazine “Markt.”

For this purpose, six common sunscreens were tested on ordinary car paint. The result is clear: Each product left traces in the varnish, the most massive were the damage to heat. … Automakers point out to their customers in the user manuals that contaminants, such as sunscreen, should be removed as soon as possible. As a result, paint damage caused is therefore excluded from the warranty. “


specially made for hyphen - sunscreen for dressing

Our fabrics:

Highly complicated machines produce our fabrics, which must have a special density of the material, i.e. particularly small meshes. This is the second requirement for safe UV protection.

free from harmful substances, dermatologically harmless

Our colors:

All colours used for hyphen clothing, whether for fabrics or prints, must be below the OEKOTEX Standard 100 Class 1 limits. They must not endanger health or unnecessarily burden the environment. (See also OEKOTEX Standard 100) But this is not the only test our colours and fabrics are exposed to. Washing behaviour, shrinkage, lightness, seawater, sweat authenticity, all this is tested and has to produce good results. The fabrics must not be discoloured and should look bright for a long time. The biggest challenge here, as with the Elastan, is the resistance to the aggressive chlorine in the bath water. We test EN ISO 105 with 50mg/l chlorine method. This load is 25 times higher than the maximum amount of chlorine recommended in the bath water in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and all our colours, even the brighter more sensitive ones show even above average results.

We do without further chemical treatment of our elastic substances for three reasons: On the one hand, it is easy and efficient to avoid damage to clothing by showering or flushing out. (See also care notices) Secondly, further chemical treatment would greatly reduce the function and comfort of the substances. Thirdly, it makes more sense to protect people and the environment from unnecessary use of chlorine chemistry than to burden them with further chemicals in order to make the colours of clothing chlorine stable at an unhealthy height. (See also swimming pool chemistry and swimwear)

Hyphen fabrics are cool on the skin

hyphen med - sun protection for sensitive skin

This is particularly appreciated by our customers, who have sensitive skin or suffer from neurodermatitis. The special shape and bundling of the yarns and the elaborate technology with which the yarns are processed into fabrics creates a microfibre material that lies smooth and cooling on the skin like silk and has irritative potential due to friction or increased sweating Avoids. The “textile bodyguard” can be worn all day like a second skin. The dermatologically flawless materials as well as the high breathability and prudent processing, for example by flat seams, which do not scrub in sensitive places as well as under the armpits. The fabrics are very breathable and dry quickly, so they are suitable for all activities in the water as well as on land.

If UV radiation needs to be shunned for medical reasons, that can become particularly agonising-physically and psychologically. hyphen brings the fun back to summer – through particularly safe protective and skin-friendly UV protective clothing. For more than 10 years, we have been supporting the work of self-help groups for children injured in the fire and for Xeroderma pigmentosum patients. Absolutely safe and high UV protection is a vital “must for” these patients.

The clothing of hyphen saves these patients thick, dark and multi-layer clothing and thus helps them to achieve a little more and more comfortable freedom of movement. All this is also important for people with sensitive skin, neurodermatitis and sunscreen allergy and they can rejoice, because hyphen allows a “normal” handling of the sun and carefree fun on the beach and in the water. It is important to know-even for people with robust skin-that the UV load in and on the water is much higher due to the stronger light reflection and requires more intensive protection precisely where one prefers to clothe only narrowly. Sunscreen, which washes off or rubs off, is difficult to meet the high demands. On top of that, while sunscreen protects against sunburn in the short term, it doesn’t protect against skin cancer, a study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, found (Source: IARC Handbook of Cancer Prevention, Vol. IV, Sunscreens, 2001).

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