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hyphen – sun protection pioneer

When we decided at the end of the 1990s to develop UV protection clothing for the European market, this type of sun protection was virtually unknown here on land. Brown was still equally healthy and the idea of a necessary skin cancer prevention was more of a deterrent than accepted. So it was clear from the beginning that it takes clothes that are fun and happy to be worn. It should not only protect, but look just as good, be comfortable to wear and provide the best material functions for both bathing, sports and leisure. So the perfect holiday wear. Our motto for the collections therefore came out quite logically:


In order to better explain the topic of UV protection and clothing to our small customers, we created the hyphen gait, which in painting and children’s booklets not only showed the 10 most important rules for a good handling of the sun, but also explained what ozone hole and UV radiation Be outdoors and have sunscreen to do. Since then, the gang and their friends have also accompanied our little customers in the designs of the prints on shirts, shortys and caps.

Being a pioneer is not always easy, but it has the great advantage of not being forced into any drive-in tracks. One can incorporate the latest findings and developments into his concept and define “where to go” without legacy issues. hyphen means connection. When we gave our brand this name, it was already clear that this is supposed to be our program at all levels. Whether it is specifically a matter of combining a wide range of social needs with the right technical solutions and then combining both with comfort and appealing feel and appearance, or whether it is the combination of needs at levels such as Production and environment, social responsibility, communication or sales policy trades-it is always the perfect, fair interaction that ultimately determines the real quality of the finished product.

In terms of the reliability of UV protective clothing, this has a particularly important significance: UV radiation eludes our sensual perception. The unpleasant consequences can be felt and seen Only when it’s already too late. The truly (life-threatening) dangerous consequences only become apparent years to decades later. If a product expresses protection, there is no way to check the truth content, because the UV protection is also not visible and noticeable. Buying is a matter of trust. This puts us on the hook as a manufacturer. It is our responsibility to provide our customers with comprehensive information about the characteristics and limitations of the products and to deliver an authentic quality.


For us, sustainability does not mean a condition, but a process of increasing the intersection of ecological, economic and social aspects and necessities. For all of us at hyphen, this process means a lot and we will always try to implement further concepts in this sense. So far, in practice, this means:

  • The principled decision to produce in Europe
  • Build your own production in Croatia
  • If possible, buy from suppliers producing in Europe
  • Leaving as small an ecological footprint as possible by abandoning polluting materials, production processes, auxiliary materials and short transport routes of the ingredients and finished products
  • Pay fair wages and fair prices and create secure jobs
  • Making the qualities of our products verifiable and communicating openly
  • Support unselfish projects and initiatives as far as we can
  • Maintain and promote open communication with suppliers, employees and customers (more among history and stories)


Many work steps and a lot of (hand) work lie between the idea of a garment and the finished product. Our hyphy clothing is made in northeastern Croatia in Mursko Sredisce. We made a conscious decision to do so for this location. We value the self-confidence and skills of our employees there as much as the good conditions that make it possible for us to meet our demands for the quality of our products and for sustainable production.

We have been producing in Croatia since 2001 in wage confection, partly because the comparatively short route from Munich to the factory in Croatia allows us a high degree of flexibility and maximum influence on the quality of the products. After many years of experience with productions in Asia, we learned the advantages of “regional” production back then To appreciate. We were unable to fully implement and control our social, environmental and labour law ideas in the distant foreign countries. There are other prerequisites there and also the consciousness is quite different. In 2008, the social aspects in terms of employees and the environmental sustainability of the entire manufacturing and sales process were important reasons for us to choose this European location for our own production.

September 2015: Sports retailers and journalists took the opportunity to visit our work to see for ourselves how we implement our claim to produce fairly, sustainably and transparently.

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