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hyphen – History and Stories

Looking a bit behind the scenes, figuring out what deeds follow the beautiful words:
You like to know who you are dealing with, especially when it is literally ‘ about your own skin ‘. My name is Christiane Hess and I run the shops of the hyphen gmbh together with my husband, Peter Reinschmidt. So that you can see for yourself, we would like to give you the opportunity to look over our shoulder. I invite you to follow me through the development of the hyphen gmbh and, if you feel like it, also through one story or another that has touched and occupied us during these years.

Da muss es doch eine Lösung geben! Eine Idee reift heran ...


If two water sports enthusiasts become parents, then that can only give real “water rats.” Agrees! So without any problems surf, sun, fun now with the kids? Not always true! In our everyday holiday life, some attempts, as lovingly as they are realistically approached, to reconcile children and their own passion stress-free often turn out to be an illusion. The water too cold, the wind too strong, the sunscreen sticky, the t-shirt wet, the fly sand picker, the cream not taken for the beach walk-all this often seamlessly followed by sunburn, itchy sun allergies, earache, bladder infections, Sniff and stress … An unlimited pool of small and large annoyances that we somehow luckily forget until the next holiday confronts us untankingly on a new one. But at least the cold topic should be tackled if, like Peter, you have been developing clothing and accessories for water sports for many years. After we fail to buy really well-fitting neoprene shorties for our kids, Papa Peter has prototypes made for them without further ado.

Von der Idee zum Produkt. Die Zeit der Entwicklung ...


Many parents react with interest when they see that our little girls are obviously not freezing despite ‘ permanent bathing ‘. Talks are emerging where it turns out that everyone has the same problems with UV and cold protection. We are now beginning to take an interest in the topic professionally. After many conversations with doctors, health authorities and test institutes, we are appalled by the underestimated dangers of UV radiation, well beyond the pesky sunburn. Well-fitting neoprene for children makes perfect sense, but a safe and attractive clothing for children is much more important, which also protects against UV rays on the beach and when bathing. The information provided by medical and clothing professionals, our professional and private experience, as well as many discussions with other parents, raise the profile of the functions of sunscreen clothing and cold protection clothing for Children must be fulfilled.

We decide to develop the hyphen product concept with a focus on UV protection. Since information and education are still urgently needed, we embed the whole thing in an extensive information project. Over the next two years, it’s all about developing and testing materials and cuts. For suitability, the prototypes of children are tested under a wide variety of conditions, from Finland to the Bavarian lakes and the Spanish coasts to Egypt. The result: Sunscreen becomes super simple, colds shrink to normal levels, even the frozen sensations suddenly like to go into the water. Whether sailing, snorkeling or swimming-the sun, wind and weather lose a huge amount of stress potential. And best of all: The children not only accept being attracted, but they are comfortable because they like the things super well.

hyphen kommt auf den Markt.
hyphen UV-Schutz Bekleidung wird die „Apothekenüblichkeit“ bestätigt.
UV-Strahlung und die Folgen - ein internationales Thema. ...


Our fabrics have reached the most difficult hurdle. UPF 50 + to Australian standards are easy to achieve, but we want UV-Standard 801 certification. In other words, all materials must also be wet and stretched and must still provide the certified light protection factor in the long term. In the first step, hyphen clothing is certified with UPF 20 to UPF 40 according to UV Standard 801. The hyphen team has done a great job. Andreas Ullrich has created an exciting concept for graphics and design with Peter Reinschmidt, Dascha Strohmeier and Dorothea Hugle have made excellent use of your skills as product manager and editing direct trice to turn ideas into apparel. Ina Röpcke has supported me with a dedicated and creative PR work and helped hyphen successfully introduce into the market. At Jako-O, the UV protection pioneer Bettina Peetz and her team gave us the chance to look after a large and demanding customer in the first year and laid the foundation for a very cooperative and successful cooperation. Thrilled by the idea, many other helpers contributed to a successful market entry in the summer of 2001. Jako-O’s summer catalogue presents the first “hyphen for Jako-O” collection and is also available to interested parties to find a-still modest-hyphen collection for children in their pharmacy.

Offering clothing in the pharmacy is certainly a somewhat unusual undertaking. But in terms of good, expert advice as well as the importance and benefits of textile UV protection, especially for sensitive skin (e.g. neurodermatitis), this sales route seems to us to make a lot of sense and we are trying to obtain approval for sale in Pharmacies. Just in time for the start of the summer season, the hyphen products are confirmed in an expert opinion the ‘ pharmacy practice ‘ due to the high quality of UV protection and the certification according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1.

In October 2001, we took the opportunity to deepen our knowledge of UV exposure and protection. Invited by Prof. Dr. Breitbart, Association of Dermatological Prevention, we take part in the 2nd Euroskin conference “Children under the sun-UV Radiation and Children’s Skin” in Orvieto/Italy and also present hyphen to an international forum.

Ein ereignisreiches Jahr in Sachen Öffentlichkeitsarbeit ...


Our first homepage is online and a little later also the first hyphen online shop. We develop paints and children’s booklets and make them available to our sales partner partners as well as medical practices, pharmacies, schools and kindergartens.

In March 2002, we will start our first major media campaign with press conferences in Hamburg and Munich. UV protection clothing is still virtually unknown in Germany. Our press and public relations work is extremely successful. We refrain from pointing to the danger and making you afraid with our index fingers raised, but offer a solution that is characterized by fun, comfort and beautiful optics.

The media shows great interest in hyphen and rewards our concept. This will be followed in 2002 and in the next few years many reports in radio, television and print media. More than 52 million editions will reach the editorial contributions via hyphen as early as the summer of 2002. We are pleased about interesting collaborations, e.g. with TravelMed, a travel medicine consultancy and with La Roche Posay and its sunscreen brand Anthélios. Like us, they believe that meaningful and safe UV protection consists of a combination of sunscreen and sunscreen clothing.

Erweiterung der Kollektion und Ausbau der Vertriebswege.
Ein Bürgermeister in Österreich macht seine Gemeinde zum Vorreiter in Sachen UV-Schutz.
Kooperationen mit LTU und TUI.
hyphen Qualität überzeugt auch in einem ersten Medien Test.
Ein kleines Mädchen hat mit hyphen trotz schwerer Verbrennungen einen schönen Sommer ...


Due to the high demand, we are also offering clothing for teenagers and adults for the first time in the 2003 season, earlier than originally planned. This collection will also be offered in the summer of 2003 by Carpe Diem (now Qiéro), a sister company of Jako-O.

Expanding distribution through specialist retailers is proving astonishingly difficult. Sports retailers, in particular, are extremely sceptical about the issue. However, when personal and professional experience are met, it looks different. Our first customers include sail-loving parents Sanny and Frank Schönfeldt with their sailing shop Clown Sails in Hamburg, as well as diving instructor Cordula Stenzel with the Dolphin Watersports Center on Kanuhura/Maldives. In the medical field, the understanding of needs is much greater. The airport pharmacies in Frankfurt and Munich offer hyphen successfully. Austrian medical device specialist Ferdinand Menzl is expanding its range for allergy sufferers with the theme “Hau (p) tsache Textile” to include hyphen UV protection.

In Austria, the municipality of Gallneukirchen and its mayor Walter Böck are becoming pioneers in terms of sun protection. After a little girl wearing a T-shirt because of her skin problems was expelled from the swimming pool, recalling the dress code and hygiene regulations, the mayor decides to provide appropriate UV protection apparel at the checkout, Like the OÖ News on June 17. Reports in 2003.

We cooperate with LTU as part of their club journal and for TUI we equip the animators of the TUI Family Hotels with hyphen shirts and caps. This collaboration is an indication to us that awareness of the healthy use of the sun is also growing in the tourism industry.

In a first small test to check the quality of UV protection clothing, the hyphen products perform excellently. (MDR, 08.08.03, 15:47 p.m.)

We are particularly pleased that we are able to help little Johanna. She still has to wear pressure bandages after severe burns to her arm and thigh and must not get UV rays on the skin. With hyphen cloth cuffs protected for the arm and hyphen shorts she spends a very ‘ normal ‘ summer and can even go bathing. This was made possible thanks to the commitment of Adelheid Gottwald, one of the founders of Paulinchen – initiative for brand-injured children. We are impressed by the work that is done there on a voluntary basis and will continue to support Paulinchen in the future.

Neue Designs und Modelle und die Linie „Unlimited“ für große Größen. Aufschwung im Vertrieb über Kinderfachgeschäfte.
Erfolgreiche Sonnenschutzkampagnen mit dem DGK und der BEK ...


New for the hyphen program, we are developing 2004 models for women up to size 50 and for men up to size 60. Board shorts and cargo pants for all sizes expand our existing program.

In Germany and Switzerland, numerous children’s specialty stores have already added hyphen to their range this season and are selling successfully.

Because it can still be seen that far too many children are on the beach and in public baths with sunburn, we support two major sunscreen campaigns: The German Green Cross (DGK) provides paediatric practices and their patients and Patients all over Germany have information on safe sun protection and high-quality products available. hyphen is included in the information package. The Barmer replacement fund BEK initiates the campaign “Achtung Sonne” for kindergartens and insured persons via safe sun protection. hyphen provides profits for the kindergartens.

UPF 40 nach UV Standard 801 für alle Stoffe zertifiziert.
hyphen ist jetzt in Finnland und Tschechien vertreten.
Wir übernehmen Bestellhotline und Versand in eigener Regie.
hyphen schneidet hervorragend ab bei UV-Schutz Test in der Schweiz ...


We have been able to improve our fabrics further. Lightness and breathability remain equally high, the UV protection increases to safe UPF 40 even with all bright colors, even if the fabrics are wet or stretched. In the Czech Republic, hyphen is represented by Farma.cz s.r.o from this season and for Finland the experienced pharmacist Finn Thesslund and his dedicated wife Päivi have discovered hyphhen with their company meditex hype for their customers.

In Munich, we rented additional rooms in the spring and now, with our own warehouse and shipping department, we ensure a faster and more flexible processing of orders. The hotline is no longer cared for by service service, but by our Munich team. We are looking for direct contact with our customers, to whom we want to offer the opportunity to access competent contact partners in the future.

The summer of 2005 brings good news: K-Tip No.12 of 15.06 2005 and the show box office crash of the 07.06.2005 on the Swiss television SF 1 publish their test under the title: “What UV dresses are fit”: “Box office crash has swimsuits and T-shirts for children with UV protection Tested. The results are sobering.

Only the products from the Jako-O children’s catalogue protect what they promise. ” With a test and 3 notes distance from all other test products is a shorty from our collection ‘ hyphen for Jako-O ‘. In two other products, chemical filters are found in children’s clothing. All others fall far short of the claimed UV protection in use. Those responsible must be told by Jean Pierre Haug, head of the Swiss test institute TESTEX: “I expect a garment with declared UV protection to be met under all possible conditions. That is: After care, when it’s wet, when it’s stretched a bit and even when it gets older. “

Das Bewusstsein im Umgang mit der Sonne beginnt sich zu ändern.
Es gibt einige Anlässe unsere Produkt- und Firmenphilosophie zu hinterfragen. Widerspricht Ethik der Wirtschaftlichkeit?
Zwei großartige Hilfsprojekte, die wir gern unterstützen ...


Already last year you could guess it and this year it becomes even clearer: Something is happening in dealing with sun and tan. Instead of solar cult rather healing skin, one could describe the new consciousness, which seems to be slowly asserting itself. In the media, celebrities profess to be “pallor.” Julio Iglesias, Kim Basinger or Liz Taylor pass on their experience with self-experienced skin cancers. More and more stars and models can now be seen discreetly browned or with genteel pale skin. It is to be hoped that these examples will set a precedent-as soon as possible, in order to save many people a lot of suffering.

At the beginning of the year, I am invited by the textile research institutes Hohenstein to speak about quality and (product) ethics at a seminar on “functional clothing with UV protection” in March. Although our attitude has always been clearly defined by quality and ethics, it is no easy task. It means dealing with a very complex and also quite sensitive issue, and one discusses it in the context with the demand for economic efficiency. One easily comes into the suspicion of arguing too blue-eyed, out of touch with reality or even too unprofessional. I represent the hyphen position that for a product such as UV protection clothing, an ethics action of the company is an absolute prerequisite: “UV radiation eludes our sensual perception. I feel and see the undesirable consequences of ‘ too much ‘ when it is already too late. The truly (life-threatening) dangerous consequences only become apparent years to decades later. If a product gives me protection, I have no possibility to check the truth content. Buying is a matter of trust. This puts the responsibility on the manufacturer and the seller. In order to ensure its responsibility, it informes the customer comprehensively and honestly about the characteristics of the product and delivers authentic quality. If he fails to do so, he behaves in the highest degree unethically, because he endangers the health of customers … “

At this stage, we have not yet guessed that in the next few months the somewhat different attitude of competition and the market intoxicated by the slogan “Geiz is Geil” will confront us with the question of whether a healthy economic development of hyphen, while retaining Our standards, which may still be possible in the future: The 2006 summer season has just begun, our collection for 2007 is already being prepared when the worrying news is overturning. Cheapest UV protection apparel at discounters, competition is advertised with product characteristics that it does not own at all, label fraud up to the promotion of non-existent certifications, consumer disinformation about quality and Actual practice behind full-bodied company philosophy … The list is long.

The children, supervised by Laleen Lalendra, thank them with a group picture for the shirts Jeanette Kühn brought them.

When ebay also advertises cheap goods with our brand takeathing, we turn on a lawyer and, with little effect, turn to the media. We cannot yet assess for sure whether customers understand the difference in quality, whether they want our quality and whether they accept the hyphen stuff as (worth the) price. At the end of summer, we can breathe a sigh of relief. Our customers have made up their minds. They have kept the hyphen of allegiance, new ones have come to it-nevertheless!

We are happy to share our joy and success by supporting the work of Jeanette Kühn and the House of Hope for orphans and the commitment of the Prenting family to the support group of those suffering from Xeroderma pigmentosum. Two projects that we think are great because they encourage and help others.

Die gesamte Badebekleidung ist ab jetzt mit UPF 80 zertifiziert.
Neu ist in diesem Jahr auch eine zusätzliche Kollektion für Sportswear. Mehrwertsteuer erhöht, aber keine Preiserhöhung bei hyphen.
In Portugal und den Niederlanden gibt es nun auch Handelspartnerinnen. Wir starten ein Projekt zur Unterstützung Jugendlicher mit Asylhintergrund.
Spendenaufruf für die (fast) vergessenen Opfer einer Katastrophe ...


This year, we can guarantee our customers the safety of UPF 80 UV protection for all swimwear. The development work with our fabric producers paid off.

New fabrics and cuts are shown by our sportswear collection with polos, jackets and long lightweight trousers, which can offer safe and fashionable sun protection in many leisure and leisure sports activities. We are particularly proud to have developed fabrics for these styles, which are also highly comfortable to wear on hot summer days.

On 1 January, VAT will be increased by 3. We do not decide to pass on this increase in price.

This year, for the first time, we are supplying our new trading partners Rita Manso in Portugal and Dorelies Woortmann in the Netherlands. In Portugal, we are planning a small exciting cooperation with Rita Manso for 2008 with the young Lisbon designers of STORYTAILORS.

Together with Dorothea Hugle, our editing direct trice of the first hour, who is now studying social work, we are implementing a project with the approach of using and promoting young people with asylum backgrounds and those with poor training opportunities in internships. The aim is to give them a “sniff into practice” and to provide an additional qualification through an internship certificate. The personal support and guidance of Dorothea Hugle, who makes the project the content of her practice semester, also provides the young people with concrete support for their future careers.

In 1986, the Chernobyl disaster left people worldwide deeply shaken and frightened. An appeal for donations, which we receive from the help for Belarus Achim e.V., draws our attention to the people there, who do not experience the real catastrophe until many years and decades later. Disease and poverty dominate in the red zone left by the reactor disaster. For political reasons, almost no official international aid is possible and few private individuals have not forgotten the people there. Twice a year, the association manages to bring a 40t truck with relief supplies to Beresino and Mozyr, where the belongings are distributed to schools and hospitals. Virtually everything is needed and even 2nd divisizing is a small bright spot. Since clothing is needed and the children there have neither sports nor bathing suits, we can also contribute and thank the helpers from Achim for their tireless efforts. We hope that many companies will continue to follow the calls for donations in the future.

UV-Schutz Projekt auf Borkum. Modenschau in Lissabon.
UV-Schutz auf dem Prüfstand, super Ergebnis für hyphen.
Eigene Produktion in Kroatien.
Vortrag für an Xeroderma pigmentosum Erkrankte. ...


Because “being outside” is fun and healthy (and should stay), the tourist board of the island of Borkum is making a strong case for a conscious approach to the sun. That is why all those responsible-medical officers, pharmacists, as well as hostess tellesses-have joined forces under the leadership of the Tourist Board and provide the holiday guests with appropriate information. We support this action with the flyer “sunscreen without risks and side effects.”

End of June
With a fashion show, on the occasion of the opening of Festival Rock in Rio, the hyphen shirts and polos designed by the ‘ storytailors ‘ Luis and Joao will be presented. Fashion meets Function and there’s a lot of applause.

brings a great test result at the Stiftung Warentest. The quality of UV protection of shirts and caps and hyphen products will be test winners in both categories has been verified.

In September
A new hyphen chapter begins: We produce the hyphen stuff from now on in our own sewing in Croatia. Design, product development purchasing and production control remain in Munich and Igor Bogdan as managing director in Croatia with the support of currently 20 seamstresses ensures the ‘ appropriate ‘ implementation. It is fascinating how many technical, logistical and, above all, bureaucratic pitfalls open up in such starting stages despite good preparation, and how often Murphy’s Law proves its existence. The first few months are super exciting and become a real intensive training in terms of production processing for all of us.

People can become life-threatening for the sun or UV radiation, it is difficult to bring “normality” into their everyday life. UV-proof clothing is very important in this context. Being able to provide our know-how on this topic is therefore a special pleasure for me. At the annual meeting of the self-help group XP Friends (Moonlight Children) in early November, I give a lecture on the safety of textile UV protection, the importance of tests and certifications, and explain how to be safe even in the summer without Dress thick and dark, as is still recommended by some doctors

Die erste Produktion unter eigener Regie ist im Verkauf.
Unser neuer Internetshop geht online.
hyphen Caps für XP-Kinder in Nepal....


End well, All good! We can deliver the first, completely our own production on time. Our own production now enables us not only to control the quality of our products, but also to ensure the quality of our workplaces. We have greater flexibility in planning and more accurate cost control. This allows us to forego a price hike this year, for the eighth year in a row, despite rising costs.

Our second big project is finally finished, our new internet shop can go online. Many months of work is stuck in the shop and the relief is great as everything works equally (almost) smoothly.

Together with Mr. Prenting from the Munich-based XP support group, we develop a method to attach UV protective film to our Protec Caps in such a way that they protect against UV radiation even when playing and exercising. When a doctor then goes to Nepal to visit a family in which four children suffer from Xeroderma pigmentosum, Mr. Prenting provides them with a large care package and of course the first ones go with some improvised caps for everyone.

„Möglichkeiten und Grenzen textilen UV-Schutzes“, ein Vortrag auf der Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreises ’Das schwerbrandverletzte Kind’.
Auf Borkum wird die bereits 2008 begonnene Informationsarbeit zum UV-Schutz ergänzt durch einen besonderen Service.
hyphen Shirt wird Testsieger bei ÖKO-TEST...


Since 2003, we have been supporting the work of Paulinchen e.V. with information and products, so that even children with serious fire injuries can return to the sun as soon as possible as soon as possible as soon as possible. In May, the opportunity arises to present the topic of textile UV protection to the participants of the 18th Annual Meeting of the Working Group ‘ The Seriously Harded Child ‘. After the end of the clinic treatment, a return to normal everyday life for these often severely traumatized children means an important puzzle lesson, in order to also be psychologically healthy. The possibility of being able to move freely outside plays a major role in this. This is where the right clothes can help.

For the UV protection campaign of the island of Borkum we have come up with a special service with the tourist board. From June, the free rental of hyphen wetsuits will start, so that even the somewhat watershy and frozen no longer have any excuse to plunge into the floodwaters. As the saying is so aptly: “There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothes!”

In July, the journal ÖKO-TEST publishes an extensive investigation report. Children’s clothing with UV protection has been checked for safety of UV protection, for ingredients and for material properties.

With a note distance, the hyphic shirt is the best product in the test and also the only garment where no optical brighteners are used to increase UV protection. This test result also assesses our handling of the hyphen products and our conception of quality-for us a nice confirmation of our work.

10 Jahre hyphen, Gelegenheit zum Résumé. Natürlich gehört auch ein besonderer Jubiläumskatalog dazu.
Die hyphen Kollektion wird ergänzt durch die Funktionswäsche der Linie hyfive.
Die hyphen Sportswear im ‚Härtetest’: Wir sponsern die Crew der Segelyacht FRENCH KISS.....


A very special year for us and the right reason to take stock: A lot has moved on in terms of UV protection in these 10 years. Even though there is still a risk here and there with the implementation, about the dangers of too much sun and the possibilities of protecting themselves well, almost everyone today is aware. Especially for children, the textile UV protection is already widely accepted as the safest option. Reliable clothing is on the market and customers can check safety with the help of certification.

Hyphen GmbH has performed well, as has the quality of our clothing. Our certifications meet the strictest standards available. Our materials come from selected companies, almost exclusively from Europe. In this way, we can be sure not only that the products are (humanely) ecologically sound, but also that the production conditions meet social requirements. In addition, we avoid long and polluting freight routes due to this election.

Peter Reinschmidt and I are happy about good and long-standing business relationships, about the trust of our customers and, of course, about the competence and commitment of the entire hyphen team. Although there have been repeated changes in the 10 years on the way of life of individuals and, by extension, in the team, it has always been and always is great when you can and do work with people who are engaged and like to look outside the “box.” Despite the growth of the hyphen gmbh, it is still possible to move a lot with a compact team and to stay in direct contact with our customers. Yes, it is a cause for rejoicing and we also take it as a good time to formulate the goals for further development.

We open the season with a particularly lovingly designed catalogue and are thrilled about our Munich customers, who were with a lot of fun as models at the photo shoots. Thank you again for that.

Because many people also rely on UV protection in everyday life, we have developed the hyfive line. It consists of colour-discreet functional linen, which can be worn like a second skin under any normal and non-protective clothing.

The crew of the French Kiss at work and at the landing in the fog

A somewhat spectacular chance to “show flag” while at the same time testing the hyphen clothing under really hard conditions of use is the sponsorship of the crew of the sailing yacht FRENCH KISSmit hyphen sportswear. The FRENCH KISS is one of the fastest representatives of the 12 meter class and was built for the 1987 America’s Cup. In 2007, owner and skipper Markus Daniel saved the athletic lady from retirement. He and his crew made sure she is fit again now-even for taking part in regattas.

Alle elastischen hyphen Stoffe werden nun mit LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ hergestellt.


This year is entirely on the mission of further improving our materials and products. With a new manufacturer, we continue to work on an even better functionality of our elastic materials. The new fabric is particularly cool on the skin and is a little lighter, which further increases the comfort of the wear. In order to improve the durability, we have decided to use the elastic components by LYCRA® replace XTRA LIFE™.

This Elastan currently offers the best resistance to UV radiation and chlorine. That means a lot of work for our teams. Printing technology and cutting have to be adapted to the new material and, of course, everything has to be tested very precisely before we can offer it to our customers.

Ausbau der Produktion in Kroatien


Mursko Sredisce, the location of our production, is located in a traditional textile region in the north of Croatia. Our team there is highly competent and we decide on the existing Know how and our understanding of quality and sustainability also offer other brands and companies. To this end, it is necessary to further expand and expand production. New systems are being built and with the construction of our own printing plant is now also the complete production of UV protective clothing under our roof.

Wir unterstützen die französische Stiftung Coeur Maroc bei der Hilfe für XP Patienten in Marokko.
hyphen sports stellt seine erste Kollektion für Skitouring vor.


We received a request from France asking for support for another project for Xeroderma pigmentosum patients. Under the patronage of the well-known Moroccan presenter and television producer Nadia Larguet, they are planning a relief campaign for the “enfants de la lune” in Morocco and we will assist you in the supply of UV protection caps and facial protection. It strikes us again and again in conversation with those affected that they often have great difficulty in getting advice and help to cope with the consequences of the disease in everyday life. This makes private initiatives and self-help groups all the more important. This is z.B.auch true for people with burn injuries and neurodermatitis, but especially in more rare diseases. Often sufferers pull themselves out of the sun-and sometimes from society- And renounce the enjoyment and benevolence of a beautiful time in nature. Sport and going bathing becomes a threat. We find that it doesn’t have to be. We have now developed further clothing for customers with particularly sensitive skin and strong UV protection requirements. There are gloves with long tulips, face protection through masks and special clothing for Protection for particularly UV exposed work.

The fun of being outside is also the theme of our new functional clothing, which we will present for the first time at ÖSFA in 2014. Again, it’s all about combining protection, comfort and the fun of the nature experience, but this time it’s winter that challenges us. With a special focus on the needs of ski tourers, we have developed a lightweight and highly functional collection for mountain sports and are pleased to present it at the next ISPO. Our team is now being strengthened In development and sales by Andi Schreilechner, who with his experience and expertise as a speedflyer, enthusiastic high tourers and mountain rescuers is a great fit for us, especially since he also fully shares our view of sustainable production. (Many of his experiences and great pictures he shares on Facebook under hyphen skitouring.)

ISPO award für neue Weste Stüdlgrat
Händlermeeting in Kroatien
Teddington Trust - Ein Bär für XP-Kinder- hyphen stellt den Stoff zur Verfügung.
Eine schöne Überraschung aus Sri Lanka


Good starts this year. We have won an ISPO Brand new Award for our Stüdlgrat vest. This is a nice confirmation, but we are even more pleased by the super response of knowledgeable critics and some of the comments are also reflected in the comments on Facebook. This year, for the first time, we gave our dealer customers and journalists the opportunity to watch our production for two days. It means a lot to us to show that we are serious about our statements on quality and ethics and sustainability and how they are implemented. Not only were these days interesting for everyone, but we enjoyed it a lot and we will definitely repeat it.

I was particularly pleased with an e-mail from Jeanette Kühn, Chair of House of Hope, She writes:

Do you remember the many hyphen parts you gave me to Sri Lanka for the children there? I revisited Laleen, who had lost his surf station at the time after the tsunami. And what can I tell you: The young you still wears your hyphen parts and they look top. Unbelievable after the long time …

A small bear is to explain to children with XP in England and other English-speaking countries how best to protect themselves from UV radiation.
We are also happy to support this project from the Teddington Trust Foundation and provide the fabric for the bear’s clothing.

2015 comes to an end and in production everything deals with the new models for hyphen sun protection wear. And hyphen starts her new winter collection – have a great year and here’s to get in the mood with some great pictures from one of our favourite photographers, Stefan Leitner.

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