We at hyphen sports certify exclusively our sun protective clothing according to UV STANDARD 801 and so make the safest and most reliable UV protection available to you for your skin.

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Experts recommend clothing as the simplest and safest form of UV protection. But not every textile is UV-safe and light summer clothing, in particular, does not provide sufficient protection. To offer consumers the greatest possible safety, the UV STANDARD 801 was developed by independent textile research institutes in Germany [hohenstein.com], Austria [oeti.biz] and Switzerland [testex.com]. The strict procedure exposes garments to extreme stress, for example in extensive stretching, in a wet state or via mechanical stresses, and determines the lowest protection factor on this basis. This value, the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), indicates the factor by which the skin's own protection time is extended without causing reddening of the skin or sunburn.

How does reliable UV protection for your skin work?

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates the factor by which the skin's own protection time is extended without causing skin reddening or sunburn.

Application example for light skin types:
UPF 80 extends the 10 min. self-protection time of the skin by a factor of 80:
10 min. self-protection time x 80 = 800 min. = 13 hrs. 20 min.

As the UV STANDARD 801 certifies the worst value, i.e. the worst-case scenario, it reflects the real challenges of reliable and uncompromising sun protection with the greatest possible safety. This is because the textile exposure to sun, salt water, chlorine, sand and sun cream is enormous.

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Why you should look more closely at the test label

Good to know

The test label must include a test number in the footer. If the test number is missing, it may indicate that only one product from the manufacturer's entire range has been tested - but not necessarily this one. It may also indicate that only one component of the product (e.g. only the thread) has been tested for harmful substances, but not the complete product.

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