Our Materials


It all starts with the spinning mass for the yarn. Titanium dioxide is already melted down here for UV protection. The fineness of the yarns that are then produced during the spinning process is the basis of wearing comfort. The composition with elastane, the skill and the sophisticated technology in weaving, knitting and dyeing of our European suppliers create the fabric we need for our hyphen products:

Airy, light and cool on the skin, breathable, elastic, chlorine and salt-water resistent and UV-proof.

This is especially appreciated by those of our customers who have sensitive skin or suffer from neurodermatitis. The special shape and bundling of the yarns and the complex technology with which the yarns are processed into fabrics, create a microfibre material that lies smoothly and coolly on the skin like silk, avoiding potential irritation from friction or increased sweating. This "textile bodyguard" can be worn all day like a second skin. This is ensured by the dermatologically flawless materials as well by as the high breathability and the careful workmanship: for example through using flat seams that do not chafe in sensitive areas, such as under the armpits. The fabrics are very breathable and dry quickly, making them suitable for all activities in the water as well as on land.
When UV radiation has to be avoided for medical reasons, it can be particularly agonising - physically and mentally. hyphen brings the fun back to summer - with UV protective clothing that is especially safe and kind to the skin. For more than 10 years, we have been supporting the work of self-help groups for children with burns and for xeroderma pigmentosum patients. Completely safe, high UV protection is a vital "must" for these patients.
Our hyphen clothing saves these patients from having to wear the now old-fashioned thick, dark and multi-layered clothing and thus helps them to have an increased, and more comfortable, freedom of movement. This is also brings a smile to the faces of individuals with sensitive skin, neurodermatitis or sun cream allergies, because hyphen now makes it possible for them to have a "completely normal" experience in the sun and much more fun on the beach and in the water. It is important - even for people with normal skin – to know that UV exposure in and around water is much higher due to the increased light reflection and you actually need a more intensive protection right in the places that you would prefer to be wearing lighter or less clothing. Sun cream can wash or rub off so does not meet this intensive protection requirement.