100% hand-crafted in Europe

We cut, print, laser, bond, weld, sew and assemble our collections entirely in our own production facility - just 500 km from our distribution centre in Munich.


At Hyphen Sports we have our own production facility in Mursko Sredisce, an area with a rich textile tradition in the far north of Croatia, directly on the Slovenian border and less than 50 kms from Austria. Here, all the normal garment trades are situated in one place to provide each of the various stages needed to make completely finished articles. This “one-stop-shop” provision has many advantages for you, for us and for the local populace.x

We are only a few hours by road from Munich – which means that you can avoid the hassle, cost and environmental impact of flying in order to visit us. In our production facility you will find that we take a personal pride in the highest level of production quality; socially positive working conditions and an environmentally friendly focus. As the delivery distances from our main suppliers in Austria, Italy and Switzerland are short, we do not have the usual transport issues between the various production stages that are common elsewhere in the clothing industry, plus our garments are delivered to our Munich distribution center without needing to cross continents. This all helps save valuable time and gives us a very low carbon footprint (see more about our delivery routes under: > Our Footprint

We are especially pleased that we are considered the most popular employer in the vicinity of Mursko Središće and that we have been able to send a signal against the creeping migration from the region. If you are in the area, feel free to drop by. Due to the current Corona measures, this is somewhat more limited and only possible by appointment [> Contact Form] - but you are no less welcome.