Energy-efficient surfing

We think deeply about how we can protect the environment. One aspect of this is that we set the same high standards in the design and functionality of our website as we do in the production of our highly functional apparel. Our server runs with 100% green electricity, produced solely from hydro-energy in the North Eifel area. Right from the word go, we take care that our website uses as little energy as possible.

In detail

After the latest relaunch, our website consumes an astonishingly small 0.26 grams of CO2 per page view instead of 4.53, a full 17 times less than before, and thus ranks among the best of comparably large websites in terms of efficiency optimisation. This is due to smart, careful programming that reduces the amount of data without negatively affecting our beautiful product images and your surfing experience.

The latest image standards make a significant contribution to preventing unnecessary data volumes. Another magic word is "data on demand". Here, for example, images of product details are not loaded in the background on suspicion, but only when you need them. Due to the generally strong internet connections, however, you will not notice anything of this, everything runs seamlessly without interruptions.

In addition, we manually remove content that is no longer needed, only use libraries where they are really necessary and, together with our programming team, always keep an eye on leaving the smallest possible digital footprint.

You can get an overview of our other sustainability initiatives here:


Check the CO2 emissions of this website with the independent website carbon calculator: